We hacked Lord of the Rings Monopoly and changed it to Land of Writer’s:

·         Instead of “jail” it’s “Published- collect $500 and a visit with Oprah for her book club”

·         Instead of “Go to jail” it’s “Win the Newberry”

o   either of these ends the game and everyone returns to “Go” to start again

·         If you get the symbol on the dice- you lose a turn

·         land on People = add a new character in the story

·         land on Horses = someone in the story has to travel somewhere

·         land on Events= change or add events in the story

·         You can move whichever direction around the board you want

·         Make up a collective story as you go and change it as you land on things

·         You can double the dice score if you want

·         When you land on a space, you can use the word or the picture to add to the story