Here are the rules from Table 1’s game of hacked Monopoly.

CVWP 2012 SI Table 1

New Monopoly Rules:

Roll both die, start at go and move the number of spaces that you roll on the dice.

If you land on the emperial logo then you build something out of playdoh. If the rest of the group can guess it, you get $500 and the person who guesses would also get $500.

If you don’t roll over a 3, you have to walk around the room like a chicken.

After you land, you can use the tape to make a slide but it has to be a straight line. Others can use any slide.

If you roll an even number, put a circle around your player creating a hyperspace so you can go to any space.

No matter what your roll, you can move 3 times that much, 2 times that much or that much.

The object of the game is to pay the power ranger to leave our planet alone. We have to collect enough money to pay the power ranger to keep our planet safe.
We can get money by landing on the Rebel Alliance symbol and pick a pom pom. If you can flick it into the correct color ring you get $500. You get 3 tries. If you get it into another color ring you get $100.

You can’t build a slide to Emperial Logo or Rebel Alliance

If you land on Go To Jail you have to put $500 on the sheet of paper. If you do not have $500 you owe it as soon as you get it.

If you land on Go or Pass Go collect $200. You can not ring or slide directly to Go.

Space Auction- the most money wins the statue at the end.

The buildings are banks. You can get loans. Choose a card with your eyes closed. If you pick blue you get $1000 orange gets $500. If you land on indigo, purple, blue or red. And you get a pink pom pom.

You can use the pink pom poms to flick. If you hit someone the person you hit has to pay $500.

If you ever have a fine and you can’t pay it or you don’t want to pay it, then you can move the statue to the paper and dance to avoid the fine.

If you roll a three or under and you don’t want to walk around the room like a chicken, you can hire another player to do it for you.

The dance has to be a partner dance and you have to dance in the square. You must dance 10 seconds.

If when you flick, you hit the power ranger then for sure the person of your choice and Vick have to dance!

No slides to money spaces. No circles to teleport to money making spaces. You can’t use any special moves to move to money- making spaces.