CVWP 2012 Summer Institute Hack Jam - Table 2
Game objective: Get the most balls/coins to win.

1. First player holds one of each of the 6 color pompoms in their closed hand.
That person says a color to the team then the person to the left chooses the color  from his/her open hand and if the gumball is chosen correctly he/she gets to go anywhere on the board. If not he/she loses her turn.

$5=$100 dollars

2. We are taking turns counterclockwise.

3. Each of us represents a color in the palm of the hand

Now each person has a playing piece.

4. Open the playdough and make 12 balls. The balls are more valuable than money. If the person whose turn it is guesses correctly then he/she gets to steal one ball from any player.

5. Rule Change.

Now moving will be based on each color representing the number of spaces moved.

Yellow=1 now 11
Orange=2 now 12
Pink=3 now 13
Green=4 now 14
Blue=5 now 15
Purple=6 now 16

6. The place you move into turns into a sand pit and the next person that lands on it will lose a ball to that player.

7. When a person lands on a sand pit he/she will lose 3 balls.

8. Anytime anyone in the room laughs the person whose turn it is has to choose someone to play rock, paper, scissors with that person and whoever wins gets a gold coin. When the gold coins are gone then you get to steal a gold coin from someone.

9. When you lose rock, paper, scissors you have to balance the beetle statue on your head for 5 seconds without dropping it.

10. If you lose rock,paper scissors you have to balance the beetle statue on your head until someone else loses the game of rock, paper, scissors.

11.  Each gold coin is worth 10 balls.