From Table 3’s hacked game of Monopoly:

CVWP 2012 Summer Institute - Table 3

Start in jail.

Roll dice - subtract big number from small.

Move to your left.

If you get the evil eye than everyone goes back to to jail  and take place that is the furthest along (eye of the law).

Roll complement person to left.

Roll but bead on bracelet.

On community chest take a cookie or a cherry.

Roll less that 3 get to take a bid bead.

Land on the railroad; take a card and do what it says.

Get doubles, do a dance.

When one person does the dance, we all do it.

Land on the luxury tax you make a play-doh ring, and it goes in the middle, and you can buy it back later.

The person furthest away from the Eye of the Law goes to jail and you take their place.

If you land on chance spot (question mark) you have to put all your beads back.

Choose to multiply or subtract your dice.

If you land on your own property, you do not have of dance, but others have to do all of the dances.

If you send someone back to jail, get a diamond ring.

If you get a double dance you can wipe the dance routine over and start a new choreography.

Community chest now gives three beads & a cookie or a cherry.