Rules from a great game that went from figuring out how to compete to figuring out how to build together:

CVWP 2012 Summer Institute Table 4

Game Title: The Community Build

Set Up Game:

  • Put 10 sticks at brown, 10 at orange, 10 at green
  • Put 10 pipe cleaners on blue, 10 on light blue


How to Play:

  1. The person right of the designer goes first. All players start at GO.
  1. Set the timer for 30 minutes.  Play until you hear the bell.
  1. Roll the dice - go as many spaces – either direction.  When you land on that space:

If you land on CHANCE choose any item to add to The Community Build

When you land on a property select the item that corresponds with that color.  See “Game Set-Up.” Then look at the great value and select that number of items to add to The Community Build.

Any property that is non-color , you must remove the greatest value of items from The Community Build.

If you land on COMMUNITY CHEST, roll again

If you land on JUST VISITING JAIL – everyone has to go too.